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Please be advised that this is a product that you can buy over the counter in dental practices (listed on this page here) or online in this website. Try your own dentist first as it saves you the shipping costs. If your dentist / hygienist does not have them, please show them the research page and tell them they can order for wholesale prices by sending us a request using the e-mail form below. We do not send any other bulk packs then 20 for private use because we found this the best eco quantity that saves packaging, fuel, pollution and money! Share some boxes with family and friends and you can share a new order...

FOR ORDERING: please be aware ourstock has run out earlier then expected and new stock will only arrive in New Zealand mid January 2018! So you can pre order it at the old price (prices will go up mid January with 10% unfortunately), but we will not send out any orders till around probably the end of January!

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We are welcoming all Dental Professionals for wholesale of our products ALL over the world. When you want to order wholesale or have a question please contact us here:

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User comments
"This woodstick is my best friend, I always have box with me and I can keep my teeth in perfect condition. I know my family had gum disease and I can prevent this with this simple stick"

-- Ellen K., NZ

Thank you so much, I could make my husband very happy with your woodsticks, he missed them dearly since Oral B had discontinued their product. And these are a perfect replacement.

-- Milly B., Australia